Who are we?

We are Apsbay. Alvin came back from fighting a war in Afghanistan and I was just plain bored of doing my old business, well, honestly I wasn’t making much money there anymore.

So our lightning fast minds just thought we should jump on the internet bandwagon. We wanted to build mobile applications and that’s the way we started. We also thought that Singaporean business owners need to be set free from paying too much for bad ideas and ugly designs.

Get better ideas from Apsbay
Get better ideas from Apsbay!

How hard could it be to put in some effort to build something nice? How about something that actually works? I know if you are looking at our website, just know that we don’t apply our expertise on our own site because we simply have no time! Like Alvin always says we should listen to our own advice for a change! HAHA!

So we started Apsbay in 2013, did a few of projects and promptly sat on our a#$ for 2 years because we found out that Mobile Apps are really not that engaging and consumers usually stop using them after the initial hype.

Until an old friend called us and ask us to help in a project that involved web design. That’s when we realised that actually there are thousands upon thousands of ugly websites out there that needs rescuing! And a US Army veteran and a bored property agent are just the right people to do it!

So here we are. We believe we can improve your web presence and we can drive traffic to your business. Ultimately, we want to help you make more money! We are not really geeks as you can tell, but we really believe that we can make money when you make money.

So if you are sick of the geeky IT type, call us because we are not!


Alvin Chan
Chief Design Everything

Alvin Chan is not your typical Creative Director, in fact, he is a US Army War Veteran! Yes, he did a combat tour as an Infantry Specialist in Afghanistan with the famed Easy Company of 101st Airborne.

So if you want your website designed by someone who can kick ass and take names, he is the man! By the way, he is pretty nifty with an iMac as well.


Jimmy Loh
Chief Pow Ka Liao AKA do it all

Jimmy Loh, not surprisingly also has a military background, having served 10 years as a regular as an Armour Officer. Ever since he left the Army, well, he thought he left but he ended serving another 18 years as an NSman! Anyhow, he is quite capable of juggling multiple tasks and exploring new opportunities wherever they are, when he is not too busy in church!

Why Apsbay?

Khamil Hyder

I highly recommend Apsbay for your business too because they know the needs of business owners well and will work tirelessly to see an increase in your business.

Khamil Hyder / businessman